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Welcome to the Circus

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to the Circus!

I loved the circus growing up! Dad would work a little extra leading up to it, just to make it happen. He would buy the cotton candy, the sno cones, the popcorn, the spinning light up toy and all the things! We never missed the circus! It meant so much to me that he would work so hard to create that memory for us every year! And it for sure is one of my favorite childhood memories!

I think if I had to choose my favorite circus act it would be the tight rope! I remember the most mind blowing one I ever saw was when the guy was riding a bike across the wire, balancing plates at the same time. MIND = BLOWN! He could balance himself, all of those plates, keep his eyes focused and NOT FALL!

Who knew that those experiences would set me up with one of the best visuals to make it through my adult life?

Fast forward to today…Life is 100% a balancing act of all things! I’m a homeschool mom, a wife, a certified trainer, a Zumba instructor and a worship pastor. I run an inner city ministry non-profit full time and also have a t-shirt company that I operate on the side.

Life is so full of surprises. It’s full of dents and scrapes. Unexpected twists and turns come. I have resolved that writing things out, and sharing my own personal life lessons, helps me to walk through them and not feel like I’m the only one going through it!

My hope is to share my balancing act with you! Whether it is a lesson the Lord is teaching me at the moment, a fitness nugget I have to give you, a glimpse into my parenting circus, a funny anecdote about what a beautiful mess I am or a bargain that I found online that I have to share, I want to bring you into my circus because life is more fun with friends!

I'll buy the tickets and bring the popcorn! We will get front row seats! Let’s go to the circus!

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